Friday, October 28, 2011

Vet Update

Hi everyone, I have fabulous news!!  Bella is now 50.4 lbs!  We also had a blood panel done on her to make sure all her internal organs were working and they are :)  Her ear infection is gone, she had her distemper booster,  and she had her nails done.

I must say, Bella is such an incredible girl, with the most hilarious attitude.  She struts around here with her tail held high, doing her bully walk, and of course the butt wiggle.  And when she wants to play she does the most funny happy dance.  I have tried to catch it on video a few times but darn it..  I swear she knows she is being taped and then stops....  She also does this adorable smile where she wrinkles up her nose.  With the help of my 11 year old we did manage to catch that on tape finally, but only a quick glimps, lol.  I will be adding that video on here for everyone to see.  And she smiles ALL the time, as soon as my eyes open I get greeted with her face smiling at me, anytime I call her name she smiles, when Emily comes home from school..  Well then we get the happy dance, wiggle butt, with LOT'S of smiles..  Yup, she is one happy dog.

I am hoping to introduce her to my furry grand baby Laela this weekend.  Due to financial issues for my son and daughter in-law I will be taking Laela whom is also a brindle pit bull.  Laela is very loving and not dominate at all so I am really hoping her and Bella get along.  If we don't try and introduce the two of them this weekend, it will be next weekend, and I will let you all know how that goes.  Laela needs to come home to her grandma.  I seen her the other day, she wrapped her paws around my neck and would not stop hugging me, the kids said when I left she would not stop looking for me,  it made me feel so bad that I could not bring her back home with me right then and there. 

I also want to send out a thank you to a very special lady, whom is an angel on earth...  Carol Groleau, thank you so much for helping with Bella's vet bill.  Monday night I sat here balancing our checkbook (for some reason the bills are never ending, lol)..  Between the Vet appointment on Tuesday for Bella and the needed additional work done on Johns Jeep (new starter and a new gas tank)...  I was stressing out, we would have been left with no money in our bank account.  When I got to the Vet on Tuesday, I was informed that Carol called in that morning and placed $200.00 into Bella's Vet account.. Carol, words alone could never express to you how grateful we are to you.  Your donation covered her entire vet visit and left enough over to cover several months of her heartguard pills.  Thank you so much Carol, you are such a blessing to us.

Here is the video of Bella smiling, it is only a quick glimpse so don't look away or you will miss it, lol.

and here are some fabulous new picture of Bella also..

It was Bella's first cold morning, took her out around 6am, put my coat on the couch, when I can back into the living room she was pulling my coat over her with her teeth, lol

Happy girl :)

Bella and Emily have become VERY close and can usually be found snuggling together.

The other night I went out to tell Emily that it was time for bed..  Her and Bella were already fast asleep....

Chase and Bella watching Animal Planet.

Bella knows how to sit in style on the couch, with her arm on the arm rest to boot, lol.  And yes she is getting in her daily fill of Animal planet..  I wonder if this is how I look when I am watching my soap??  lol

yup, she is one happy girl.....


  1. LOVED that big smile.....that pic with the coat was just great....i'm so happy this precious girl is doing well~so glad u brought her home, Dawn...

  2. She looks soooooo good and so happy!!! Awesome video!! This just does a heart good. :))

  3. Dru and Anna, I agree, Bella's smile is the BEST.. Every morning when I wake up, all I have to do is stir and she belly crawls up to me with the BIGGEST smiles :) saying Good morning mom :) I just love her so much :)