Thursday, October 20, 2011

Through thick and thin

Hi everyone, I have not posted in a week but wanted to give everyone an update.  Bella is absolutely flourishing. She no longer has any fear when I leave the house, she knows I will always be back.  Right now I am working on property training her so she can run around and play instead of having to be on a leash. She does very good as long as I am in her site.  I know it will help her a lot that Trigger stay's in the yard, that way she will learn the boundaries.

Tuesday was a big day for Bella.  I had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital....  The day went like this..  It was in the afternoon, John, Chase and I were just relaxing and watching a movie.  I got a ringing in my left ear..  No biggie..  Then I felt a little dizzy..  Well with me being an EMT I knew not to get up fast, so I got up real slow, went to go get a drink of water, then it hit me...  All of a sudden I could barely talk, my heart felt like it was bounding out of my chest, I had a very hard time breathing and everything started going fuzzy.  I sat by John, and told him to call 911, that something was very wrong, I thought I was having a heart attack.  I had Chase go fetch my medical gear..  As an EMT I know not to hyperventilate, but to take relaxing breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth, which is not very easy when battling a head cold.  Then everything got worse..  My fingers curled inward, and I had no strength in my hands, I could not hook up the oxygen tank I carry in my EMS bag, and neither John nor Chase know how to use any of my equipment (I am the one that is supposed to help others, I am not supposed to ever need help) I was trying to assess what was happening to me, all I could think of was either a possible heart attack or a stroke, I was leaning more towards a heart attack because most of my signs pointed in that direction, but I did not have the heavy feeling on my chest.  All of a sudden I found myself fighting to stay alert, my main focus was on Bella, I could not leave her, I just got her.  I truly thought I was dying, I said good by to John and to my son, made sure they both knew how much I loved them.....  Police and EMS arrived, and precious Bella did not even bark once.  She kept close to me but also made sure she was not in the way, I think she knew they were here to help me.  I am so proud of her for being such a good girl in the midst of all the chaos.  A week ago I don't think she would have been so calm.

The good news is I only had an anxiety attack..  Never in a million years would I have guessed that was what was happening.  I have never had one before and I was relaxing when it hit..  I do know it better never happen again, that is a very scary thing to have happen, you truly fell like you are dying.  Oh and I will be teaching John and Chase how to use my EMS equipment this weekend too, lol.

Bella is growing in a positive direction more and more everyday.  I just love her so very much.  And am so proud of all the progress she has made.  She has a vet appointment on the 26th and I will update everyone again when I get back from that.  I will also be sharing more pictures and hopefully a video with everyone this weekend too :)


  1. So happy you are ok, wonder what brought it on though. I work with people with anxiety/panic disorder and attacks are usually triggered. What kind of a movie were you watching??? Well just happy it's over and that's all it was. And how wonderful that Bella is showing what a smart girl she is. I've read every entry Dawn, she is clearly a special girl. I knew it the moment I saw her face on that long ago FB post, when her face just cried out to me "I am special and I've been treated so badly, please help me." I don't know if you remember, I was one of the people on her thread day and night. When you found her and said she would be yours and it was determined that she would be safe, I jumped up and cried with joy...My husband still doesn't know what that was about. Please keep these stories coming, I will always be checking in. Bella gives me strength, she's like spinach. Love to you, Bella and the whole family.

  2. Hi Anna, I have had more anxiety attacks since that day... I was not watching anything stressful that day either. One day I was playing a fishing game and was hit with one too. I went to the Doctor on Monday and am waiting to hear back about my blood work and what they found on the halter monitor they had me wear. This whole thing is just odd....

    I am so glad that you are following Bella's blog, she is very precious to me and I just love being able to share her with everyone :)

  3. I am very glad your ok you had me in tears while reading what a scary thought everyone w out a angel like you

  4. Thank you Jessa.. Yes it was very scary.. And being an EMT.. The symptoms are identical to a heart attack.. I honestly though I was going to die.. Glad I didn't though. Like I told my husband " God just wanted me to pester you for a while longer" lol. That and I know God has bigger plans for me, more animals to save :)