Friday, October 14, 2011

Seperation Woes.....

Well today was a tough day for Bella..  I ran to the grocery store to get some items for dinner and left Bella at home.  When I got back, John said I am not ever allowed to leave like that again.  Poor Bella sat by the door and cried the entire time.  John tried to comfort her, but nothing he did helped.  He said he has never heard such a mournful sound come from an animal (she was actually crying), it just broke his heart.  My heart just broke also when he told me this, my poor girl thought I was never coming back...  So starting tomorrow we are going to be working with her on this.  She needs to understand that sometimes I do leave the house without her, but I will always come back to her.  Instead of taking her with in the mornings to bring Emily to school I will leave her at home, it only takes me about ten minutes to leave and come back.  That way she will start to realize..  Ohh, well look, she comes back to me, lol. 

Other than that, Bella is doing fabulous!  She is on her second day of medication for her double ear infection, and already I have noticed she is not shaking her head as much.  She still does not like having the medication put in her ears, but my 11 year old son is great at holding her for me.  In time she will realize that when I am doing something it is to help her, and not to hurt her.  The anti itch spray I got for her is working wonders too, I apply it twice a day and she has not itched once.  Her coat is also starting to look more shiny already and her hair is not falling out like it was.  These are all things that make me a very happy Bella mommy :)

Bella also found the closet where we keep our blankets, she found one she liked a lot, pulled it out of the closet and put it on the couch, she is such a character, lol.  Here are some pictures I took of her and Trigger napping together on the couch, and both those nuts had to "nest" the sheet on the couch to get it just right so pardon the mess.  Also, the pillow Bella is sleeping on..  That is the pillow I sleep on at night, every morning when I get up, she grabs it, drags it into the living room and paws at it until I put it on the couch for her.  Yup, I think she knows I love her :)


  1. Awwww!
    I LOVE it!
    I'm just so glad that Miss Bella is loved and even has a friend (who is a beautiful dog!) to play with and nap with. :-)

  2. Your journey with Bella is truly special. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, you are both amazing!

  3. awesome pic.....these 2 look just great pleased this girl is in a happy, loving home.......hugs,

  4. She wants that pillow cause it smells of you.. she is wonderful. So happy she made to you Dawn. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. letting us be a part of this really wonderful rescue story. Watching Bella blossom and grow gives me strength when I think i can't take another day of tragic endings. Bella you and you mom and the whole family, what a bunch of heroes!! Love you Bella!!!

  5. God Bless you and your girls. Your exemple for your daughters will probably change the lives of other Bellas, Have a wonderful day!!!

  6. Gwen, I agree, I have done other rescues and forever loved other abused dogs, but Bella.... She is very precious and special to my heart :)

    Anna, I also agree with you... She has been here now for a while and no longer does the pillow thing, but for a good month she did that every day :) I love her will all my heart and I know she feels the same about me :)