Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New friend for Bella

Hi everyone, so you all know I adopted a senior boxer that we named Mavis.  She is home with us, her and Bella are best of friends :)  Mavis is such a lover and play's like she is still a pup.  My friend Diane also adopted a boxer named Esze.  We have Esze come over once a week to play with my pack so she can learn proper pack etiquette.  When Esze comes over the puppy side of Mavis really comes out, they are so cute!!

Can you believe on the 10th of February it was 4 months that we have had Bella, she has blossomed, and overcame the horrors that she suffered in her past.  I am so proud of my Bella  I hope you all have a fabulous valentines day.  Here are a bunch of pictures for you all to enjoy.

Snuggle time..

Emily got a rat for her birthday, Bella thinks she needs to "mother" the rat and has even picked up the rat like it was a puppy in order to bring it to the couch :)  Yup, Bella was a fabulous mama dog....

Bella loves to lounge on the couch cushions

Bella, Mavis and Esze

Bella and Mavis.

Here are some of Bella's pictures that I added wording too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Hello everyone, sorry that I have not written in here in so long.  We have been very busy, I have gone to sit here many times so I can type and it never fails, either my pager goes off, or..  Bella just looks like she wants to snuggle :)  Bella had a fabulous Christmas.  I had taken lots of pictures but..  My memory card went bad and erased everything on it.  I do have lots of new pictures for everyone though.

Christmas was very relaxing for all of us.  I think Bella was in awe with all the wonderful smells that filled the air in our home that day.  I know she loved having people stopping by.  Bella just loves people, I think she knows that the more people she is around..  the more loving she is going to get, lol.  On New years my little Emily wanted to stay up until Midnight and of course Bella tried to stay awake with her..  At 11:45pm, I looked over and they were both snuggled together and fast asleep on the couch, lol.

We just adopted a Senior boxer from the same shelter that Bella came from.  I named her Mavis, now we are just working on getting her home to us.   Once Mavis is home I will post pictures of her and Bella for you to all see.  Other than that, not much has been going on here.  Bella is still loving her new life and is such an amazing happy girl :)

This was how I found Bella and Emily 15 minutes before Midnight on New Years Eve.

Can't have a treat without sharing with Bella :)

Alissa and Bella.

Bella staying warm in her sweater.

Bella loves belly rubs :)

More smooches :)

This picture is one of my favorites.  It truly shows how happy she is now.  Only dogs that feel safe will lounge around on their backs.  And yes..  Bella does a LOT of lounging, lol.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous and safe year so far <3