Friday, November 18, 2011

A dogs special bond with her girl

Hi everyone, sorry that I have not sent any updates in a while, it has been crazy busy around here.  So I will be sending several of them today :)

Well, as you all know from my last post Bella and Emily have become very close.  We also noticed right from the get go that Bella does not like it when Emily is in the bath tub.  She is fine as long as I am in there with her, but once I leave, she goes into this protective mode.  When Emily stops singing or making noise, Bella rushes to the bathroom to check on her.  Well, a few weeks ago Bella took this protection for Emily even further.  Emily was in the tub, singing and playing...  Emily decided to lay back in the tub and just relax and she stopped making noise.  Bella rushed to the bathroom..  All we can figure is that Bella must have though Emily was drowning..  Which she was not, she was just relaxing with her eyes closed.  Bella went into "save Emily from the evil bathtub" mode.  Knowing that it could hurt Emily by grabbing an arm or leg, Bella proceeded to grab Emily by her hair and pull her out of the tub...  Emily lurched up and said owwww, Bella...  Bella instantly let go and started giving Emily kisses.....

Bella is a very devoted family dog that absolutely loves children.  I can only imagine what a fantastic mama she was to her puppies.  But this over protectiveness when Emily is in the bath....  Makes us all wonder how many times Bella seen dogs being drowned, or even worse..  Did she witness her own puppies being drown???  It breaks my heart to think of the horrors that she not only endured but also witnessed at the hands of the evil people that had her before she was rescued.

Bella has made fantastic progress in a very short amount of time, she knows she is safe, loved, and will NEVER be hurt again.


  1. Thanks for the update! Bella is indeed beautiful!

  2. Hi dawn, and hello sweet Bella. I haven't written in a while here, but I have been looking in. I get so much joy from this blog, I cannot tell you. I just wanted to thank you for sharing Bella's continued story with everybody. It's so great to be able to see one of the many dogs we meet on FB doing so beautifully and to be able to watch her progress. I am so happy to see her adjusting so well and letting herself be loved like she deserves. It is so thoughtful and generous of you to share your baby's journey with the world. I hope you don't mind but I am going to share your blog with some f the good rescue people I have met on FB. They will love it. All kinds of good wishes to you, your family and beautiful Bella. <3 - Anna

  3. Hi Anna, I also am glad for all the people that keep tabs on my Bella. I love sharing her with everyone. So YES.. Please share her blog. Tomorrow I will be putting in a new update with a fabulous video of her and Laela chasing each other all over the yard :)