Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New friend for Bella

Hi everyone, so you all know I adopted a senior boxer that we named Mavis.  She is home with us, her and Bella are best of friends :)  Mavis is such a lover and play's like she is still a pup.  My friend Diane also adopted a boxer named Esze.  We have Esze come over once a week to play with my pack so she can learn proper pack etiquette.  When Esze comes over the puppy side of Mavis really comes out, they are so cute!!

Can you believe on the 10th of February it was 4 months that we have had Bella, she has blossomed, and overcame the horrors that she suffered in her past.  I am so proud of my Bella  I hope you all have a fabulous valentines day.  Here are a bunch of pictures for you all to enjoy.

Snuggle time..

Emily got a rat for her birthday, Bella thinks she needs to "mother" the rat and has even picked up the rat like it was a puppy in order to bring it to the couch :)  Yup, Bella was a fabulous mama dog....

Bella loves to lounge on the couch cushions

Bella, Mavis and Esze

Bella and Mavis.

Here are some of Bella's pictures that I added wording too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Hello everyone, sorry that I have not written in here in so long.  We have been very busy, I have gone to sit here many times so I can type and it never fails, either my pager goes off, or..  Bella just looks like she wants to snuggle :)  Bella had a fabulous Christmas.  I had taken lots of pictures but..  My memory card went bad and erased everything on it.  I do have lots of new pictures for everyone though.

Christmas was very relaxing for all of us.  I think Bella was in awe with all the wonderful smells that filled the air in our home that day.  I know she loved having people stopping by.  Bella just loves people, I think she knows that the more people she is around..  the more loving she is going to get, lol.  On New years my little Emily wanted to stay up until Midnight and of course Bella tried to stay awake with her..  At 11:45pm, I looked over and they were both snuggled together and fast asleep on the couch, lol.

We just adopted a Senior boxer from the same shelter that Bella came from.  I named her Mavis, now we are just working on getting her home to us.   Once Mavis is home I will post pictures of her and Bella for you to all see.  Other than that, not much has been going on here.  Bella is still loving her new life and is such an amazing happy girl :)

This was how I found Bella and Emily 15 minutes before Midnight on New Years Eve.

Can't have a treat without sharing with Bella :)

Alissa and Bella.

Bella staying warm in her sweater.

Bella loves belly rubs :)

More smooches :)

This picture is one of my favorites.  It truly shows how happy she is now.  Only dogs that feel safe will lounge around on their backs.  And yes..  Bella does a LOT of lounging, lol.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous and safe year so far <3

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is there ever justice for the abused??

Well my whole day is now ruined, and I feel sick in my heart.... Since getting Bella I have often thought about her puppies.. Are they safe? Are they loved? Well.. I now know.. The SOB that horribly abused Bella was for some reason allowed to have his dogs back. Supposedly this was not a case of abuse just a case of some "accidents".. BULL SHIT!!! Bella's face was not "accidentally" ripped off, her toes and tail were not "accidentally" broken, she did not "accidentally" get scars all over her head, neck and torso due to an "accident" .. Bella's fear aggression that she had towards other dogs and men was NOT caused by an "accident".. The way she would act any time Emily was in a bath is NOT an "accident". She now has NO fear aggression towards men or other dogs, and is slowly getting better about Emily taking baths, but NONE of that type of behavior is an accident. She was like that because of ABUSE.. I would LOVE to have a few words with the idiot Judge in Florida that was STUPID enough to believe these abusive sob's should be allowed to have their dogs back! I just thank God, I got Bella before the court dates were finished.... When will the courts wake up and start taking animal abuse more seriously?? Now I worry about the mental health and physical safety of Bella's beautiful babies.. I would have gladly taken them and found them loving forever homes....  There are too many weak spots in our court system when it comes to protecting animals.  And that needs to stop.  I wish I could have had a chance to speak with that judge before he/she gave the ruling that this abusive person could have their dogs back..  Would my words have swayed that ruling to go a different direction??  I am not sure, but at least my voice would have been heard and the abuse done to Bella both physically and mentally would have been addressed...
Here are pictures of Bella's babies.. Please pray for them, light a candle for them... Most important..  NEVER forget them....

Friday, November 18, 2011

And then there were three

So Laela, my son's pitt bull/ mix is now living with us.  Bella and her are best of buds..  When Bella was at the shelter she showed aggression towards other dogs, but since she has been here and now realizes that no dog will ever hurt her again, that aggression and fear is totally gone.  She has gotten her pack mentality back.  All dogs are born into a pack and love the pack, but when humans then get those puppies and due to abuse / not properly socializing them they loose that love.  It absolutely amazes me how fast Bella has recovered.  She truly is a remarkable dog and is living proof that when you take an abused pit bull, and place them in the right home, with the right kind of owner there is nothing they can not do and nothing will stop them from trusting and loving again.  The cruel people that owned her before I did tried to break her spirit for two years.  It took me less than one month, so show her it is okay to trust again.  She knows she is safe, loved and that she will never be hurt again.

I took her with me to my mothers last weekend.  My mother has a Yorkiepoo and Bella also did fabulous with Sir William (whom is not always the most social dog).  She was not fond of the farm cats though and refused to go out the door that they congregated around, lol.  She wanted NOTHING to do with them cats, lol.  I guess one step at a time, lol.  Seeing her being able to be a dog, and play with other dogs knowing that it is just that..  Play..  It is the most fabulous site....

Bella snuggling with her new sister.

Bella playing with her new toy that Robyn Dunford sent to her in the mail

It looks like she is thinking "I am not going to do a trick..  Just give me the nummy"  lol.

Good thing I have a big enough couch, lol

A dogs special bond with her girl

Hi everyone, sorry that I have not sent any updates in a while, it has been crazy busy around here.  So I will be sending several of them today :)

Well, as you all know from my last post Bella and Emily have become very close.  We also noticed right from the get go that Bella does not like it when Emily is in the bath tub.  She is fine as long as I am in there with her, but once I leave, she goes into this protective mode.  When Emily stops singing or making noise, Bella rushes to the bathroom to check on her.  Well, a few weeks ago Bella took this protection for Emily even further.  Emily was in the tub, singing and playing...  Emily decided to lay back in the tub and just relax and she stopped making noise.  Bella rushed to the bathroom..  All we can figure is that Bella must have though Emily was drowning..  Which she was not, she was just relaxing with her eyes closed.  Bella went into "save Emily from the evil bathtub" mode.  Knowing that it could hurt Emily by grabbing an arm or leg, Bella proceeded to grab Emily by her hair and pull her out of the tub...  Emily lurched up and said owwww, Bella...  Bella instantly let go and started giving Emily kisses.....

Bella is a very devoted family dog that absolutely loves children.  I can only imagine what a fantastic mama she was to her puppies.  But this over protectiveness when Emily is in the bath....  Makes us all wonder how many times Bella seen dogs being drowned, or even worse..  Did she witness her own puppies being drown???  It breaks my heart to think of the horrors that she not only endured but also witnessed at the hands of the evil people that had her before she was rescued.

Bella has made fantastic progress in a very short amount of time, she knows she is safe, loved, and will NEVER be hurt again.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Vet Update

Hi everyone, I have fabulous news!!  Bella is now 50.4 lbs!  We also had a blood panel done on her to make sure all her internal organs were working and they are :)  Her ear infection is gone, she had her distemper booster,  and she had her nails done.

I must say, Bella is such an incredible girl, with the most hilarious attitude.  She struts around here with her tail held high, doing her bully walk, and of course the butt wiggle.  And when she wants to play she does the most funny happy dance.  I have tried to catch it on video a few times but darn it..  I swear she knows she is being taped and then stops....  She also does this adorable smile where she wrinkles up her nose.  With the help of my 11 year old we did manage to catch that on tape finally, but only a quick glimps, lol.  I will be adding that video on here for everyone to see.  And she smiles ALL the time, as soon as my eyes open I get greeted with her face smiling at me, anytime I call her name she smiles, when Emily comes home from school..  Well then we get the happy dance, wiggle butt, with LOT'S of smiles..  Yup, she is one happy dog.

I am hoping to introduce her to my furry grand baby Laela this weekend.  Due to financial issues for my son and daughter in-law I will be taking Laela whom is also a brindle pit bull.  Laela is very loving and not dominate at all so I am really hoping her and Bella get along.  If we don't try and introduce the two of them this weekend, it will be next weekend, and I will let you all know how that goes.  Laela needs to come home to her grandma.  I seen her the other day, she wrapped her paws around my neck and would not stop hugging me, the kids said when I left she would not stop looking for me,  it made me feel so bad that I could not bring her back home with me right then and there. 

I also want to send out a thank you to a very special lady, whom is an angel on earth...  Carol Groleau, thank you so much for helping with Bella's vet bill.  Monday night I sat here balancing our checkbook (for some reason the bills are never ending, lol)..  Between the Vet appointment on Tuesday for Bella and the needed additional work done on Johns Jeep (new starter and a new gas tank)...  I was stressing out, we would have been left with no money in our bank account.  When I got to the Vet on Tuesday, I was informed that Carol called in that morning and placed $200.00 into Bella's Vet account.. Carol, words alone could never express to you how grateful we are to you.  Your donation covered her entire vet visit and left enough over to cover several months of her heartguard pills.  Thank you so much Carol, you are such a blessing to us.

Here is the video of Bella smiling, it is only a quick glimpse so don't look away or you will miss it, lol.

and here are some fabulous new picture of Bella also..

It was Bella's first cold morning, took her out around 6am, put my coat on the couch, when I can back into the living room she was pulling my coat over her with her teeth, lol

Happy girl :)

Bella and Emily have become VERY close and can usually be found snuggling together.

The other night I went out to tell Emily that it was time for bed..  Her and Bella were already fast asleep....

Chase and Bella watching Animal Planet.

Bella knows how to sit in style on the couch, with her arm on the arm rest to boot, lol.  And yes she is getting in her daily fill of Animal planet..  I wonder if this is how I look when I am watching my soap??  lol

yup, she is one happy girl.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Through thick and thin

Hi everyone, I have not posted in a week but wanted to give everyone an update.  Bella is absolutely flourishing. She no longer has any fear when I leave the house, she knows I will always be back.  Right now I am working on property training her so she can run around and play instead of having to be on a leash. She does very good as long as I am in her site.  I know it will help her a lot that Trigger stay's in the yard, that way she will learn the boundaries.

Tuesday was a big day for Bella.  I had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital....  The day went like this..  It was in the afternoon, John, Chase and I were just relaxing and watching a movie.  I got a ringing in my left ear..  No biggie..  Then I felt a little dizzy..  Well with me being an EMT I knew not to get up fast, so I got up real slow, went to go get a drink of water, then it hit me...  All of a sudden I could barely talk, my heart felt like it was bounding out of my chest, I had a very hard time breathing and everything started going fuzzy.  I sat by John, and told him to call 911, that something was very wrong, I thought I was having a heart attack.  I had Chase go fetch my medical gear..  As an EMT I know not to hyperventilate, but to take relaxing breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth, which is not very easy when battling a head cold.  Then everything got worse..  My fingers curled inward, and I had no strength in my hands, I could not hook up the oxygen tank I carry in my EMS bag, and neither John nor Chase know how to use any of my equipment (I am the one that is supposed to help others, I am not supposed to ever need help) I was trying to assess what was happening to me, all I could think of was either a possible heart attack or a stroke, I was leaning more towards a heart attack because most of my signs pointed in that direction, but I did not have the heavy feeling on my chest.  All of a sudden I found myself fighting to stay alert, my main focus was on Bella, I could not leave her, I just got her.  I truly thought I was dying, I said good by to John and to my son, made sure they both knew how much I loved them.....  Police and EMS arrived, and precious Bella did not even bark once.  She kept close to me but also made sure she was not in the way, I think she knew they were here to help me.  I am so proud of her for being such a good girl in the midst of all the chaos.  A week ago I don't think she would have been so calm.

The good news is I only had an anxiety attack..  Never in a million years would I have guessed that was what was happening.  I have never had one before and I was relaxing when it hit..  I do know it better never happen again, that is a very scary thing to have happen, you truly fell like you are dying.  Oh and I will be teaching John and Chase how to use my EMS equipment this weekend too, lol.

Bella is growing in a positive direction more and more everyday.  I just love her so very much.  And am so proud of all the progress she has made.  She has a vet appointment on the 26th and I will update everyone again when I get back from that.  I will also be sharing more pictures and hopefully a video with everyone this weekend too :)