Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bella is finally home!!

http://youtu.be/cwQugHs6ZFk  This is the link to the video of me meeting my beautiful Bella.

I am happy to let everyone know that my beautiful Bella is now home.  My daughter in-law and I picked her up at 2:15pm, on 10/10/2011.  Bella’s birthday will now be that date since that is the day her life officially started over for her.  I wanted to update everyone yesterday but felt I needed to focus my time on Bella since it was her first day home.    So let the updating begin, lol.

Bella is such an incredible example of love.  She is covered in battle wound scars on her head, legs, neck, and torso.  At some point it looks like her tail and some of her toes were also broken.  Her lip was ripped off, and she is very under weight.  Yet all this girl wants to do is snuggle, play, and give kisses.  Her love is proof that when a criminal say’s these dogs want to fight that they are lying.  All these dogs want is to be loved.

Bella’s first day home was wonderful.  Her introduction to Trigger went very well, she was nervous about him and I can’t blame her for that, I would be nervous too if I had been through the abuse that she went through.  Our dog Trigger though is such a loving compassionate dog and I think he could sense her fear, so he gave her the space she needed.  Eventually she went up to him, sniffed his face and Trigger gave her a loving kiss, instantly you could see the fear and tension just melt away from her.  I do believe Bella knows she is home,  she walks around the house with her head held high.  She follows me everywhere, and loves to snuggle with me at night.  Last night she spent the entire night sleeping with her head on my chest.  She does not like putting her harness on to go out potty but I think she just get’s concerned that it is being put on her  to leave to yet another person, I know that in time she will realize it is just being put on her to go outside and that she is never going to leave me.

Tomorrow she goes to the vet, and I will update everyone when I get home.  We will be working on fixing her dry skin issue and putting weight back on her.  Well I am off to play with my girl, and take lots of pictures which I will start adding in a few days.  For now enjoy the video of when we first got to meet and the rest of her “journey home” pictures.

A special thank you goes out to Emily Cherry, Nikki Swedberg, Mary Solomon, Jackie Graham, Bobbi Lee, Susan Siniard, Stacy Humphrey, Carolyn Kelpine, Linda Swoboda, Ashley Parker, Rita Johnson, Pam Ferree, Crystal and Andy Kreager, Dody Cosmedy,  Chris DeNino, Sally Geiger, Colleen, O’Shaughnessy, and Shellie Marvin, Belinda Binkley and everyone that cross posted about her need to get a ride home.  Each one of you helped get Bella home to me, each and every one of you are blessings to Bella and I.  You all will always hold a special place in our hearts. It is because of people like all of you that dogs like Bella can be saved from the shelters.  Thank you all so much.


  1. I LOVE BELLA AND I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THIS STORY I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES AND CAN NOT GET OVER HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS YOU ARE BOTH BLESSED TO HAVE EACH OTHER I have an abused rescued Staffy and she is my heart and my life and very devoted and loyal and dedicated to me and had her for five years and LOVED watching her blossom and learn to love and trust and just to be a normal dog, was the most amazing thing to witness and she never lets me out of her sight and knows my moods and what to do to cheer me up and I am disabled and she knows my bad days and when I need help transferring from my wheelchair and is just there when needed without being asked, she is my soul mate. An abused dog knows and values and appreciates you more than the average dog and to me there is nothing like that bond, you will see how she will bless your life and how lucky you are to have her, I love reading and following you and Bella's story, much love to you both, my sprinkles has to be touching me when we sleep and she does what I call the pibble purr as she snorts and snores when she is happy and I just adore her, looking forward to more updated story and pictures of you and Bella, thank you for this blog!!!

  2. Karen, thank you so much for sharing your story hun. I also know from experience the animals we save from the pits of hell are the ones that are the most appreciative. They understand how much you truly love them.

  3. What absolutely lovely pictures. this just makes my day!!!!!!!!!