Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bella's Vet visit. 10/12/11

I have fantastic news.  Bella has gained two pounds!!  I know it does not seem like much but when an animal is under weight every ounce matters.  She weighed 44.8 lbs on 9/27/11, today she weighed in at 47.3 lbs ( I wonder if all the treats her new aunts and uncles gave her contributed to that, lol).  All the ladies at the clinic just adore her, and Doctor Deb...  Well what can I say, Bella has found a special place in her heart.  I have noticed that Bella has a way of doing that to people, lol.  Dr. Deb took swab samples of her ear gunk and I will know in the morning if it is "just ear gunk" or if it is something more that would require medication.  Her incision (from when she was spayed)  is looking fabulous and healing well.  I was concerned about the redness on her lip, the area that was torn off.  Dr. Deb assured me that it was fine and would clear up.  We have also started her on a Salmon oil supplement to help with her very dry itchy skin and her fur falling out issues.  We also got her heart guard, and of course I forgot that at the vet..  So I am going to head back over there in the morning after dropping Emily off at school and pick that back up.  I will be taking her back in a couple of weeks so she can get her Distemper booster and a pedicure.

Bella was very apprehensive about being back put back into a vehicle.  I really think she was worried that she was going to have to leave me. She literally CLUNG onto me.  My heart felt so bad, all I could do was try and reassure her that she was not leaving me.  She did great at the vet, wagging her tail, but also staying right in my lap.  Once we got her back home, and she realized she was back here, her whole body just started to wiggle.  Once she was back in the house she did her super cute, "happy puppy dance" which is her romping around, boxing the air, and giving me her SUPER adorable grin that shows all of her front teeth.  I so wish I would have grabbed my camera and put it on video but I got so wrapped up in the moment, just playing with her, hugging her and kissing her.  I do promise you all though that I will get a video of her "happy puppy dance" very soon for you all to see. 

On a last note..  Here is a picture that was sent to me from Stacy Humphrey.  This is a picture she took while she was driving Bella home. Stacy brought Bella a bag of milk bones, she could not find them at first.  As she was driving down the road Stacy heard a rustling of a bag and just knew Bella found her milk bones.  So here is my lovely Bella enjoying her nummy treat. 


  1. Thanks for posting these updates on Bella! I enjoy reading them and to see how Bella is progressing. Thanks for saving her. She truly deserves a forever home to call her own. :) Linda...

  2. I have been very crazy busy networking the dogs, but i wanted to tell you that i have been keeping an eye on your blog and was absolutely tickled to gooeyness to find that lovely Bella is home with her mama. I cried through her video watching it about a dozen times. my husband thinks i've lost my marbles because i sat with my laptop, laughing and crying for about 10 minutes. he kept asking me what was up and all i could do was words. Dawn, i have loved your dog since i saw her photo that very first day. She is so special to me. God bless you both and all the great folks that got her to you. I'm going to be doing some transports in the NE. Bella's story is a big part of my journey. Please give her a big old hug from me...i wish i could do it myself. Cannot wait to see more photos and videos of absolutely magnificent Bella and her awesome mama. I am joyful knowing this very special girl is in the exact right place. <3

  3. do you still have her original photo? i tried the link but it is no longer available. I love the before and after stuff. her photo literally spoke to me and i would love to be able to see it, to see the complete journey in photos. though she was hurting, her spirit was so strong. but then who am i talking to huh?? you know already. oh goodness i am just so tickled i am beside myself and babbling.

  4. Thank you Linda, I just love this precious girl so much and want to share her journey with everyone :)

    Aww Anna, you are so sweet hun. I know you have been with me on this blog since I first wrote it and cross posted like crazy so all of her legs could get filled. Thank you so much hun. I have the original pic's of her on my facebook, you can upload them into your computer :)

  5. Delighted to read this! The car anxiety will get better as Bella learns that it always takes her some place with you and she won't be abandoned. One of my dogs was incredibly reluctant to get in the car the first couple of weeks I had her--I had to lift her in each time. Then all of a sudden one day she hopped in all on her own, having figured out 1) we always went somewhere neat, and 2) she always came home with me.

    One thing you may need to watch out for is a gradually-developing fear aggression. Once my girl bonded with me, I became a resource that she's afraid of losing, and she became territorial of me around other dogs (though not her "sister").

  6. Alison, I agree, I noticed that when I took her for a car ride today, she was already a lot more at ease :) The one good thing is I am very experience with the Rottweiler and Bully breeds, so I do know how they can get "over" protective when they have been saved from an abusive past. Once I know she is settled here, I will start doing "socialization" therapy with her. She still has a fear that other dogs are going to hurt her. I hope that one day she will realize that I will never put her in a situation where she would be hurt. But, I also know it will take time. She was horribly abused for 2 years, it will take even longer remove the fear of things that she has built up. But I will never give up :)