Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New friend for Bella

Hi everyone, so you all know I adopted a senior boxer that we named Mavis.  She is home with us, her and Bella are best of friends :)  Mavis is such a lover and play's like she is still a pup.  My friend Diane also adopted a boxer named Esze.  We have Esze come over once a week to play with my pack so she can learn proper pack etiquette.  When Esze comes over the puppy side of Mavis really comes out, they are so cute!!

Can you believe on the 10th of February it was 4 months that we have had Bella, she has blossomed, and overcame the horrors that she suffered in her past.  I am so proud of my Bella  I hope you all have a fabulous valentines day.  Here are a bunch of pictures for you all to enjoy.

Snuggle time..

Emily got a rat for her birthday, Bella thinks she needs to "mother" the rat and has even picked up the rat like it was a puppy in order to bring it to the couch :)  Yup, Bella was a fabulous mama dog....

Bella loves to lounge on the couch cushions

Bella, Mavis and Esze

Bella and Mavis.

Here are some of Bella's pictures that I added wording too.

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  1. Oh Dawn..I've been off the computer for a while. I got so depressed from the rescue pages i had sort of a melt down. I'm getting better and I had to check in on you and Bella. I have read everything. She looks so happy, and her rat baby is precious. I'm as angry as you about that nefarious judge who gave her pups back to the abuser. But i am comforted to know that Bella will never know another second of cruelty. You moved mountains to save her. You are one of the heroes. Love to you all. The photos and videos are joyous. Thank you for continuing to share her story.