Friday, November 18, 2011

And then there were three

So Laela, my son's pitt bull/ mix is now living with us.  Bella and her are best of buds..  When Bella was at the shelter she showed aggression towards other dogs, but since she has been here and now realizes that no dog will ever hurt her again, that aggression and fear is totally gone.  She has gotten her pack mentality back.  All dogs are born into a pack and love the pack, but when humans then get those puppies and due to abuse / not properly socializing them they loose that love.  It absolutely amazes me how fast Bella has recovered.  She truly is a remarkable dog and is living proof that when you take an abused pit bull, and place them in the right home, with the right kind of owner there is nothing they can not do and nothing will stop them from trusting and loving again.  The cruel people that owned her before I did tried to break her spirit for two years.  It took me less than one month, so show her it is okay to trust again.  She knows she is safe, loved and that she will never be hurt again.

I took her with me to my mothers last weekend.  My mother has a Yorkiepoo and Bella also did fabulous with Sir William (whom is not always the most social dog).  She was not fond of the farm cats though and refused to go out the door that they congregated around, lol.  She wanted NOTHING to do with them cats, lol.  I guess one step at a time, lol.  Seeing her being able to be a dog, and play with other dogs knowing that it is just that..  Play..  It is the most fabulous site....

Bella snuggling with her new sister.

Bella playing with her new toy that Robyn Dunford sent to her in the mail

It looks like she is thinking "I am not going to do a trick..  Just give me the nummy"  lol.

Good thing I have a big enough couch, lol


  1. wow amazing!! i love all the pictures!

  2. Thank you Susel :) Bella is PROOF.. it is the environment that creates the animal.. the animal does NOT create the environment....