Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is there ever justice for the abused??

Well my whole day is now ruined, and I feel sick in my heart.... Since getting Bella I have often thought about her puppies.. Are they safe? Are they loved? Well.. I now know.. The SOB that horribly abused Bella was for some reason allowed to have his dogs back. Supposedly this was not a case of abuse just a case of some "accidents".. BULL SHIT!!! Bella's face was not "accidentally" ripped off, her toes and tail were not "accidentally" broken, she did not "accidentally" get scars all over her head, neck and torso due to an "accident" .. Bella's fear aggression that she had towards other dogs and men was NOT caused by an "accident".. The way she would act any time Emily was in a bath is NOT an "accident". She now has NO fear aggression towards men or other dogs, and is slowly getting better about Emily taking baths, but NONE of that type of behavior is an accident. She was like that because of ABUSE.. I would LOVE to have a few words with the idiot Judge in Florida that was STUPID enough to believe these abusive sob's should be allowed to have their dogs back! I just thank God, I got Bella before the court dates were finished.... When will the courts wake up and start taking animal abuse more seriously?? Now I worry about the mental health and physical safety of Bella's beautiful babies.. I would have gladly taken them and found them loving forever homes....  There are too many weak spots in our court system when it comes to protecting animals.  And that needs to stop.  I wish I could have had a chance to speak with that judge before he/she gave the ruling that this abusive person could have their dogs back..  Would my words have swayed that ruling to go a different direction??  I am not sure, but at least my voice would have been heard and the abuse done to Bella both physically and mentally would have been addressed...
Here are pictures of Bella's babies.. Please pray for them, light a candle for them... Most important..  NEVER forget them....


  1. That is horrible that those bastards are allowed to even go near animals again. In my country, they would be banned from owning any pets for life - and maybe even given a short prison sentence.

    Thank goodness there are people like you. Every dog just wants to be loved back - reading how Bella expresses her adoration for you brings tears of joy to my eyes. It's like every moment she spends with you, she is trying to say "thank you, thank you for saving me."

  2. Bella I wish you and your new family much happiness and apologize to you baby girl on behalf of the human race.

  3. I find my self dumb founded and my heart goes out to you and Bella sad we find it ok to treat animals other then we treat our own kids

  4. I SO agree Sarah Kettle... If you can create this type of ABUSE on an animal.. it is absolutely outrageous that they should EVER be allowed to own so much as a hamster.... But sadly, our criminal judicial system is just that.... justice for the criminals..... When are our judges going to wake up and realize that these people are not just animal abusers but potential abusers to children and women as well..... If you can harm an animal you WILL harm a human!!

    Christina, thank you so much hun, I can not even put into words how much I love my Bella... She is so precious to me, I am very glad I got her before there would have been a chance for her to go back to that hell.....

    SweetJessa..... We all feel that way... Not a day or night went by when I did not think about the babies that my Bella had... Bella is now MY dog, I am HER mommy.. In my heart those are MY grandbabies...... It upsets me greatly.... Could I have kept them all?? No.. but I would have gladly taken them, trained them and then re-homed them into a LOVING home.. A home where they would NEVER know what it is like to life life on a chain.... Yes.. These dogs are all outside tied up.. just absolutely infuriates me..... The only good ray of hope is knowing that the shelter goes by several times a week to check on them and if the owners mess up.. the will NOT get a second chance.. My personal opinion... after what they did to my Bella.. They should have never been allowed the first chance.......

  5. oh, this is beyond sickening...a series of accidents??????? Just like when they send abused kids back to their abusers....makes me ill